This is a web site which will grow over time to be a wonderful resource for teaching mathematics. At first it will include the new IEA Mathematics curriculum but in time it will include resources and links to valuable web sites.

The new IEA Mathematics Curriculum was released at the beginning of 2015. We want as much feedback as possible. Please start using it in your classroom and let us know what you think. The CPD will be offering extensive training to help schools implement the new curriculum,

The Curriculum covers Grades Prep (Level 1) to 8 (Level 5). It will provide students with knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding in the strands of Number, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics, and helps children develop the skills of Working Mathematically and Mental Mathematics. It focuses on developing communication, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

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Curriculum Aims

The IEA Mathematics Curriculum aims to ensure that students:

  • develop an understanding of mathematical concepts, fluency with processes and the ability to recall and apply knowledge efficiently and accurately;
  • are confident communicators of mathematics, able to apply their knowledge and skills in mathematics to investigate, reason and to solve a range of problems;
  • recognise connections between aspects of mathematics and other subjects, and appreciate that mathematics is an important aspect of lifelong learning.